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Super Tadarise Tablets


Super Tadarise Tablets are used to treat erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Males will have better control over ejaculation using Super Tadarise Tablets. Super Tadarise Tablets are a combination of Tadalafil and Dapoxetine. Take orally 30 minutes before sexual activity, effects may last up to 36 hours. Do not take more than one tablet per day.

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Super Tadarise ED Tablets

What are Super Tadarise Tablets?

Super tadarise is a two-in-one drug. Super tadarise consists of the drugs, tadalafil 20mg, and Dapoxetine 60mg. both these drugs are used to treat impotence. Impotence is a common name for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. Tadalafil improves sexual stimulation and also improves the blood supply to the penis. It is also used to treat other disorders such as benign prostate hyperplasia or an enlarged prostate. It relaxes the smooth muscle around the penis, prostate, and bladder. Dapoxetine is serotonin selective reuptake inhibitors. It inhibits the neuronal uptake of serotonin which is responsible for the generation of nerve impulses. These nerve impulses are needed for ejaculation. The dapoxetine drug prevents premature ejaculation. They are available in the form of tablets which can be taken with water once a day. Super tadarise takes 30 minutes to start sexual activity. The effects of tadalafil on sexual ability are known to last for 36 hours. It is a very safe drug and fast-acting. Super tadarise shows very rare allergic reactions.

How do they work?

Tadalafil is a PDE type 5 enzyme inhibitor which is reversible. It enhances sexual stimulation by increasing penile erection time. Chemically, it prevents the degradation of a particular enzyme known as cGMP. It is known to relieve the contracted state of peripheral vessels around the lungs and improving the vascular bed blood circulation. Dapoxetine acts by preventing premature ejaculation. It prevents the transmission of nerve impulses which are needed for ejaculation. Dapoxetine prevents the reuptake of serotonin in the nerve endings. Both these drugs cause a decrease in the heart rate. It takes a maximum of 20 minutes for the drug to act and the effect stays on for 4 hours. A man has to be sexually aroused for this drug to perform efficiently.

What are the benefits?

Super tadarise being a combination drug provides simultaneous treatment of both disorders without having to take separate medicines. Studies have shown that super tadarise provides successful intercourse and overall satisfaction with sexual function. They have a fast onset of action of 30 mins and last for about 36 hours, this doesn’t mean that the erection lasts for 36 hours. The sexual ability and increased performance persist for 36 hours. This tablet is very commonly called the “weekend pill” as the effects last for 36 hours. Only one tablet has to be taken per day, hence missing of dosage is not a disadvantage. Super tadarise is a very safe drug that can be taken by men in the age group of 18-65.
How to take the drug?
Super tadarise is available as a 100mg drug-containing of tadalafil (40mg) and Dapoxetine (60mg). they are available in blister packets containing 10 tablets each in carton boxes. The tablets are round or oval in shape and are in orange or yellow color. They have to be taken 30 mins before the sexual activity with plain water. It is advisable to take the tablets with a low fatty meal. they are known as a weekend pill as it acts for 36 hours. So if one takes the tablets on a Friday evening, the effect on sexual ability stays until Sunday afternoon. Do not take this drug if one has heart or nervous system issues.

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