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Silagra Tablets


Like Viagra, Silagra is a prescription that is used to treat erectile dysfunction issues in men. It works through increasing the blood flow in the penile area that ensures that the penis attains its full as well as a long-lasting erection.

Whether the dysfunction is physical or psychological, Silagra can help.

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Silagra ED Tablets

What is Silegra?

Silagra is a drug that is used to treat a condition in me known as erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a condition where the man is unable to keep the erection for a duration enough to complete the sexual intercourse. This can occur due to stress, relationship problems, or co-existing with an underlying medical disease. Silagra contains sildenafil citrate as the main drug. Silagra acts by improving the blood supply to the smooth muscles of the penis, which is responsible to hold the erection. Thus, the main active drug sildenafil helps in vasodilation or in simple terms keeping the blood vessels of the penis in an expanded state allowing more amount of blood flow per second. This state cannot be held for a long period of time to avoid injury to the vessels of the penis. Silagra takes 30-60 minutes to induce the action and continues to be active for 4-6 hours. Care must be taken when patients with heart issues are consuming this drug as it is known to cause a drop in blood pressure. The drug is metabolized in the liver and excreted through the urine. It is known to have anti-inflammatory actions as well.

How does Silagra work?

Silagra which contains sildenafil citrate as the main component acts greatly by improving the blood flow to the penile region. It improves smooth muscle relaxation. The prolonged smooth muscle relaxation helps in maintaining the erection for longer durations. Silagra improves blood circulation and helps in keeping the blood around the penile region. It acts not only on the main blood vessels supplying the penile region but also around the web of blood vessels known as the corpus callosum. Chemically, it prevents the degradation of a particular enzyme known as cGMP. It is known to relieve the contracted state of peripheral vessels around the lungs and improving the vascular bed blood circulation.

What are the benefits of taking Silagra?

Silagra in the form of oral tablets which can easily be popped in with water. It helps in improving performance during sexual intercourse. It helps in maintaining the erection for the required period of time without having to lose confidence. It improves the blood circulation thus relaxing the muscles of the penis. It is known that Silagra enhances the erection duration by 86% which gives satisfaction following sexual intercourse. It takes just 30 minutes to start its action. Silagra shows extremely are allergic reactions. Since it’s not in application form, any sort of skin disease will not exist.

How to take Silagra?

Silagra is available in the form of tablets and liquid suspensions. Silagra is available as Silagra 25mg, Silagra 50mg, and Silagra 100mg. they are very commonly known as the blue pill. It is not available to take two doses at the same time neither is it advised to compensate for a missed dose. Silagra must be taken 30mins to an hour before sexual intercourse. It is not advisable to take Silagra 100mg/50mg with fatty food or with alcohol or on an empty stomach as it reduces its action. When too much of Silagra is taken, symptoms such as headache, dizziness, indigestion, blocked nose, and blurry vision are common. Serious complications are painful erection, sudden decrease of vision or blackouts, seizures, which needs a doctor’s immediate attention.

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