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Malegra Jelly


Malegra Jelly contains sildenafil that helps in improving your sexual life. It’s a medication that’s recommended if you have erectile dysfunction.

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Malegra jelly Sachets

What is Malegra Jelly?

Malegra jelly is the trade name for the drug, sildenafil. Sildenafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction in men. It is chemically known as pyrazole(4.3-d)pyrimidine-7-one. Its main function is vasodilation, which means it improves the blood supply peripherally by dilating the blood vessels. Sildenafil also has anti-inflammatory actions. It is very commonly used for the management of erectile dysfunction and less commonly for the management of pulmonary hypertension. It is available in multiple formats, such as chewable tablets, syrups, jelly, etc., and also in multiple flavors. It usually takes about 30-60 minutes to work and the effect stays for 4-6 hours. It functions by improving the blood flow to the penis. Since it improves the blood flow in the peripheral regions of the body, it causes a drop in the central blood pressure. It’s available in prescription form as well as an over-the-counter drug. The advisable age group is above 18 years of age. It rarely causes allergic reactions. It is not advisable for patients with comorbidities involving the liver, heart, or kidney to take this drug as self-medication.

How does Malegra Jelly work?

It produces its effect by improving the blood circulation in the penis. Malegra causes prolonged relaxation of the muscles of the penis thus improving the blood flow, blood engorgement and hence prolonging the period of erection. Chemically, it acts by targeting and inhibiting a particular enzyme named cGMP-specific phosphodiesterase type 5 thereby stopping the degradation of CGMP and increasing CGMP which is essential for smooth muscle relaxation. It also induces better blood flow at the vascular bed of the lungs thus increasing the blood flow in the lungs and relieving hypertension. It has anti-inflammatory action by reducing the accumulation of mucus in the airway.

What are the benefits of Malegra Jelly?

Malegra oral jelly is fast-acting, it takes about 30 minutes to act and the function lasts for about 4 hours. Hence, it’s advisable to take the jelly 4-6 hours before having sexual intercourse. It improves the blood circulation around the smooth muscle of the penis and helps it to relax. Thus prolonging the duration of an erection. Psychologically, a prolonged and better sexual relationship is known to boost the morale of the man. Hence, malegra oral jelly 100mg helps by treating erectile dysfunction. The content, sildenafil citrate is known to have very low allergic reaction rates. It doesn’t cause fatal adverse effects to other body systems, thus making it a safe choice.

How to take Malegra Jelly?

Malegra oral jelly is available in the concentration of 100mg in sachets or plastic containers. It is taken orally and swallowed. The addition of flavors makes it more comfortable for the consumer. They must be taken at least an hour before as it takes 60 minutes to act. It is not advisable to take the drug with alcohol or a high-fat diet. It is also not advisable to take the drug with antihypertensive drugs as both reduce the blood pressure. Occasionally, signs of headache, flushing, blurring of vision, dizziness occur which remain for a short period of time. If they remain for a long duration, please visit the doctor immediately.

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